Welcome to Riversfield Organic Farm

At Riversfield Organic Farm we grow a range of delicious and fresh organic vegetables, mostly outdoors in the fields with a smaller selection of crops, those needing protection from the elements, being grown under cover in polytunnels.

Riversfield is a family run farm based in Callan Co. Kilkenny.

At the outset our aim was to build an ethical and sustainable business producing organic food.

Seasonal Organic Vegetables

Growing vegetables here year-round we are heavily reliant on what the weather may bring and in Ireland this is not always so predictable. By appreciating, cultivating  and nurturing the natural environment at Riversfield with a more gentle approach we are rewarded with great tasting vegetables.

Our Farm News

Riversfield Organic Farm Kilkenny Ireland


This month is a real turning point in the year. At the start of the month Summer crops are still being harvested alongside the start of more autumnal crops like red cabbage, savoys and Romanesco.

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